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Interview Skills




21st century is full of crises and opportunities. It is important to be able to present oneself well so that when opportunity arises, one is able to take advantage of it. This workshop aims at providing a comprehensive framework of how one can excel in interviews and the relevant skills that one needs to possess so that one stands the best chance of getting admitted to their desired job effectively. The Workshop on Interview Skills, intended for participants who are taking business interviews, aims to help staffs improve the successful rate of interviews by building the right attitude and self-confidence, together with well preparation including effective presentation skills, question handling techniques, appearance, etc.


Objectives of Interview Skills:


  • Learn about how one should prepare oneself for job interviews psychologically with the right attitude and appearance
  • Appreciate the importance of behaving with self-confidence during the interview
  • Learn about the skills in presentation during interviews and be able to handle difficult questions
  • Be able to apply those skills during real interviews


Sample Outline of Interview Skills:


  1. Fundamentals of Interview Skills
    • Function of an interview
    • Trends of the job market
    • What kind of talent are corporation looking for?
  2. Preparation of Interviews
    • Criteria of talent selection
    • Preparing for your CV
    • Preparation matrix before interviews
  3. Building First Impression with Impact
    • What usually impress interviewers
    • Dos and Don’ts in attending interviews
    • Proper dressing code
    • Formal business and social etiquette to impress the interviewer
  4. Presenting Yourself Effectively
    • Structure your presentation
    • Express your ideas in a logical manner
    • Presenting yourself with appropriate non-verbal languages
  5. Handling Interviewers’ Questions
    • Challenges in handling questions from interviewer
    • Structure listening skills
    • Respond to interviewer in the appropriate manner


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients’ specific requirements.