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Creativity Problem Solving and Decision Making




Under the fast-changing and recently challenging market environment, creative problem-solving and decision-making skills are critical assets for the staff to management to cope with business challenges and achieve new breakthroughs. When making solutions, creative ideas need to be frequently generated to make prompt and appropriate decisions to bring the team to take further steps to reach new heights. The Workshop on Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making introduces Creative Problem Solving (CPS) as a dynamic model for problem solving and decision making. With several decades of scientific research and practical experiments, CPS is proven to be a practical tool for decision making, and a useful approach to handling everyday situations and analysing problems and staff issues, overcoming bottlenecks in business development and leading the company to achieve higher and greater.


Objectives of Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making:


  • Understand the key concepts and values of creativity and problem-solving skill
  • Anticipate and identify problems by recognizing early symptoms to a problem
  • Analyze problems and identify causes from different angles
  • Develop a set of structured creative thinking and problem-solving skills and tools
  • Enhance creativity and flexibility in problem solving
  • Imply problem solving techniques in real workplace situations


Sample Outline of Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making:


  1. Leveraging the 4Ps model to solve problems
    • Blind spots of human thinking
    • Creative Problem Solving
    • Find the root of problems with 5 Whys
    • Managing the different stakeholders in problem solving
    • Be aware of the implication of short-term vs. long-term solutions
  2. Exploring solution options using creative thinking tools
    • How left-brain thinking habits are formed
    • Learning Holistic Thinking
    • Use of the Brainstorming Method to generate options
  3. Improve the efficiency of decision-making process
    • How to choose a solution
    • Similarities and differences between high efficiency and efficient decision making
    • How to compare different options
    • Making prudent decisions


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.