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EQ and Stress Managements




In the 21st century, the socioeconomic environment is changing in a rate that no one could ever anticipate. Staffs face new challenges that no one has never encountered before in and out of the workplace, where they can no longer stick to one playbook only; rather, they have to be resilient to the uncertainties in external environment and the continuous rise in demand from internal and external clients. The Workshop on EQ and Stress Management is intended for the staff who have been facing stress from serving the internal and external customers as well as everyday issues. This workshop aims to provide a comprehensive framework on EQ and stress management skills for higher work effectiveness and better working performance of the staffs, when they are able to acquire high EQ, and hence uplifting the service quality of the team.


Objectives of EQ and Stress Management:


  • Understand stress and EQ management

  • Increase confidence and reduce anxiety and stress in challenging situations

  • Equip with stress and negative emotional management skills

  • Enhance EQ to cope with stresses and emotions

  • Uplift service quality by maintaining the self-confidence and EQ of the staff

  • Embed positive thinking mindset among individuals and teams to enhance work performance


Sample Outline of EQ and Stress Management:


  1. Stress Management
    • Stress: a friend or an enemy?
    • Neuroscience of our brain when handling stress
    • How stress affects our productivity
    • How stress affect our physiological, psychological and behavioral aspects
    • How stressful are you
  2. What is EQ (Emotional Quotient)?

    • What is EQ
    • Understanding positive and negative emotions
    • The five pillars of EQ
  3. Self-Emotional Awareness
    • Identifying one’s values
    • Knowing one’s value system using value edge cards
    • Ways of optimizing positive emotions
  4. Managing Personal Emotional Fluctuation and Behaviors

    • Use of positive and negative emotions to improve work productivity
    • Beware of the effective ways when dealing with emotional communications
    • Managing emotional discussions and improve relationship
    • Fostering a positive work environment


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.