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Strategic Brand Management


- A milestone to creating your winning brands



“Brands” are always the most important assets of any businesses.


Strong brand management and building skills are not only needed for survival, but also prosperity for brand holders, in the ever increasingly competitive business world.


This workshop provides a comprehensive framework to preview conceptual backgrounds of strategic brand management, master practical approaches and tools to manage brands as strategic assets as well as the keystone to competitive advantage, evaluate their brand management effectiveness, and build new heights for businesses via highly effective brand management.


Objectives of Strategic Brand Management:


  • Gain knowledge about the fundamentals for strategic brand management

  • Learn the highly-effective tools for market landscape assessments

  • Better understand your consumers and how they develop brand attitudes and behaviors

  • Provide a platform where participants can learn, master and apply branding strategies in a variety of domains

  • Master the gist and practical tools for enhancing execution excellence


Sample Outline of Strategic Brand Management:


  1. Understanding Brand Management

    • Branding, Advertising and Marketing

    • Brand and Brand Equity

    • Why Chinese companies fail to build highly successful brands?

  2. Fundamentals of Strategic Brand Management

    • Assessing the market landscape

    • Identifying your strategic targets and prime prospects

    • Uncovering consumer insights

    • Formulating winning brand management and marketing strategies

  3. Building and Managing Winning Brands

    • Key stones of a successful brand: brand equity, brand purpose and brand architectures

    • Highly successful brand communications

    • Showcases: winning brands that touch our lives

  4. Ensuring execution excellence in brand management

    • Evaluating the health of your brands

    • Managing your brand portfolios

    • Formulating the winning master plans

    • Exercises: creating our winning brands


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.