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Change Management


- Sowing seeds of success in organizational transformation

In the booming days, business environment is characterized by the pace of market change and it is vital to manage this change effectively in order to excel by turning this opportunity into positive results.


This workshop aims at providing comprehensive knowledge and the necessary skills on managing and leading change and turning this challenge into opportunities for growth.


Objectives of Change Management:


  • Emphasize the importance of change in today's work environment

  • Provide a model for analyzing an organization for change

  • Embed a positive mindset and think-out-of-box, multi-angle views

  • Be able to adapt to change in environment

  • Solve problems incurred

  • Assess the positive and negative impacts of change

  • Create the environment for communicating change effectively


Sample Outline of Change Management:


  1. Managing and Leading Positive Change Strategically

  • Why change?
  • Building positive attitudes towards change
  • Adopting multi-angle thinking and think out-of-the-box
  1. Planning for Change

  • Identifying the different type of change for the organization
  • Strategic planning for change implementation, goal setting and prioritization
  • Identifying the change lever
  1. Turning Resistance Into Initiatives

  • Assessing the positive and negative impacts of change
  • Identification of change agents
  • Managing the relevant resistance by establishing channels for idea contributions and staff participation
  1. Communicating the Change

  • Identifying the change message
  • The Communication Matrix for change
  • Gaining consensus and commitment from top management
  1. Sustaining Change

  • Gaining momentum for innovation
  • How to solve problem effectively
  • Establishing learning culture to sustain change momentum


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.