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Excellence in Customer Service


- Achieving excellence in providing quality service



As market competition is growing in ever faster phase, each organization strives to keep enhancing quality of its services.


In contributing to the success of the organization, delivering quality customer service to its internal and external customers is very important.


External quality customer service can help secure repeated purchase and referral, while internal customer service can establish a positive work attitude and cooperation among departments.


The program aims at enhancing participants' communication, interpersonal and service skills.


Objectives of Excellence in Customer Service:


  • Understand their roles and realise their importance in the service delivery chain of providing quality customer service

  • Apply the skills they have learnt to provide quality service to their customers

  • Maintain a positive working relationship with others

  • Present a professional image towards their internal or external customers

  • Able to deal with difficult customers


Sample Outlines of Excellence in Customer Service:


  1. Developing / enhancing quality customer service mindset

    • The importance of quality customer service in today's business environment

    • Importance of internal and external customer service

    • The personal benefits of providing quality customer service

  2. Customer service skills

    • Definition of customer

    • Customer needs and meaning of quality customer service

    • Serving customers face to face

    • Professional telephone manner

  3. Managing the Service Interaction Process through Better Communication

    • Understanding the communication process

    • Verbal vs. Non-verbal language

    • Proper tone and manner when servicing

    • The use of magic words

  4. Handling Enquiries and Complaints

    • Nature of enquiries

    • The art of listening

    • How to probe for needs with questions

    • Managing telephone enquiries

    • Handling face-to-face interactions

    • How to prevent and handle complaints

  5. Handling difficult customers and complaints

    • Attitude towards difficult customers

    • Steps/skills for dealing with difficult customers

    • Showing empathy


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.