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Effective Communication Skills


- Branding your communication style for success



Communicating effectively and having good interpersonal relationship are prerequisites for achieving success in modern business world because as the environment becomes more competitive, it is vital to enhance our virtues without exaggerations. We need to maintain our principles and brand values while having the smoothness and flexibility in managing human relationships.


Objectives of Effective Communication Skills:


  • Understand contemporary concepts and principles in effective communication

  • Appreciate the importance of win-win communication in business

  • Enhance their abilities to communicate effectively

  • Achieve success through improved human relationship

  • Apply effective communication skills with colleagues from different departments


Sample Outline of Effective Communication Skills:


  1. Understanding the Communication Process

    • The Communication Process

      • Principles of effective communication

      • Communicating with different stakeholders

      • How social styles affect communication

  2. Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communication

    • Verbal vs. Non-verbal languages

    • Reading the minds of people through body languages

    • Express your ideas with a clear structure in communication

    • Prepare before communicating

    • Questioning technique to learn more about others

  3. Cross Cultural and Cross Generation Communication

    • What is cross-cultural communication

    • Communicating in a globalized community

    • The importance of cross generation engagement

    • Gain synergy and enhance productivity through effective communication

  4. Win-win Communication to Managing Conflicts

    • What is the nature of conflict

      • Is conflict a good or bad thing?

      • How to communicate effectively during conflict

      • The art of listening


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.