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Mediation Skills


- Mediation model for achieving win-win in conflict resolution and maintaining good relationship


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Corporations may face increasing demands and complaints from the related parties, creating immense pressure to the staff. Talent Professional’s mediation skills training will increase staff’s understanding of the nature of conflicts, enhance their knowledge and skills in mediation and its workplace application in resolving conflicts and handling complaints to achieve win-win and maintain good relationships.


Objectives of Mediation Skills:


  • Understand the nature of conflicts and different modes of conflict resolution
  • Put mediation principles and procedures into practice in school contexts
  • Analyze and adopt communication skills and appropriate mediation approach to resolve complaints and disputes in effective manners
  • Deploy various types of mediation skills and techniques for handling with difficult and persistent complainants


Sample Outline of Mediation Skills:


  1. Understanding the Communication Process

    • Causes and costs of conflicts and disputes

    • Managing complaint through conventional ways and ADR approach

    • Definition of Mediation

    • The advantage of Mediation

    • Different between mediation/arbitration/litigation

    • Different types of Mediation Model

  2. How to be a good Mediator

    • Attitude of a mediator

    • How to identify want/need/hidden agenda

  3. The Mediation Process

    • How to prepare a mediation meeting

    • The flow and stages of a mediation meeting

    • Introducing problem defining stage

    • The use of Summarizing Table

    • Introducing problem solving stage

  4. Introduction of Mediation Skills

    • Basic rules for communication 

    • Questioning Skills

    • Different questioning types (purpose and function)

    • Active Listening (Hear vs Listen) skill

    • Feedback Skills (Paraphrasing/Perception Check/Summarizing skill)

    • Reframing Skill

    • Negotiation Skill

    • How to read and apply body language in mediation

  5. Mediation Skills Application

    • How to apply related mediation skills to facilitate the communication with hot and difficult complainants 

    • How to apply Reality Test (or Reality Check) to sustain and explore options 

    • Options generating skills -- BATNA and WATNA

    • Mediation Strategies


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.