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Crisis Management


- Effectively managing crisis to minimize damages and recover from crisis



Facing an ever-changing business environment, there is nothing more important than the ability to handle crisis. Many incidents of business failure are direct results of unanticipated events that began as accidents and ended up as a full stop for corporate existence. The causes of crisis are usually very diverse and the time for reacting is often very short. This workshop provides a detailed framework of how crisis can be anticipated, handled and coped with effectively through excellent pre-event contingency planning and implementation, controlled and some basic knowledge in handling the media during crisis time.


Objectives of Crisis Management:


  • Understand the nature of crisis
  • Learn about principles in handling crisis
  • Appreciate the need to identify risks
  • Able to manage the reactions and emotions of customers during crisis
  • Handle media during crisis time


Sample Outline of Crisis Management:


  1. Fundamentals of Managing Crisis

    • What is a crisis?
    • Effects and impacts of crisis
    • Modern approach to managing crisis
  2. Organizational Readiness for Crisis Management

    • 4Rs of crisis planning
    • Identify various types of risks
    • Organizational readiness on risk management
  3. Managing Risk and Planning for Contingency

    • Managing risk in events and projects
    • Core elements of a crisis manual
    • Developing the contingency plan
  4. Implementation Principles for Crisis Situation

    • Crisis leadership in handling crisis
    • Immediate control of crisis scope
    • Skills in handling crisis communication with various stakeholders
  5. Managing Media Communication

    • Why media communication is so important during crisis time
    • The impact of social media
    • Basic skills in managing media / reporters


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.