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Managing Adversity Quotient (AQ)


- Acquiring skills to cope with adversities in effective manners



Modern research has discovered a strong link between work performance, interpersonal skills and Adversity Quotient (AQ). AQ is a measure of how you react to adversities (changes and challenges). To enhance one's AQ will undoubtedly contribute to both personal and business success, as well as more fulfilments in one's life. The Workshop on Managing AQ aims to provide a framework for participants to understand what AQ is and how one can enhance the ability to manage own adversities in both work and family situations.


Objectives of Managing Adversity Quotient:


  • Understand the basic elements of AQ
  • Appreciate the benefits of achieving a higher AQ
  • Apply practical techniques to improve AQ competence and the ability to manage own resilience
  • Be able to handle own resilience both at work and at family
  • Acquire skills to cope with adversities for a better life quality


Sample Outline of Managing Adversity Quotient:


  1. Introduction of Adversity Quotient (AQ)

    • What is AQ?
    • The relationship and difference between IQ, EQ and AQ
    • Three types of people in coping with adversities
  2. Knowing AQ Score Through CO2RE

    • Understand how CO2RE reflect AQ and their key essences
    • Know more about one own strength and weakness when facing adversity as well as the direction for improvement
  3. Improving AQ Through LEAD

    • Improve AQ in a systematic way
    • Practice the LEAD method for AQ improvements
  4. The Seven Resilience Factors

    • Explore why resilience is so crucial in workplace and daily life
    • Introduce the seven factors that make up resilience
  5. Nurturing Positive Emotions

    • Explore how positive emotions contribute to a more satisfied workplace and happier life
    • Nurture positive emotions through anchoring
    • Introduce concept and way of anchoring
  6. Developing Proactive Mindset

    • Introduce optimism as a power to change, grow, and move forward
    • Develop the power to change internal dialogue from negative to positive
    • Find ways to move from an "I give up" habit to an "I can do it" habit
    • Share the secrets of optimism - understand the key thinking habits for optimism


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.