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Positive Psychology


- Changing perspectives to infuse positivity into lives for higher productivity


The Workshop on Positive Psychology aims at equipping participants with practical skills and applicable techniques to foster positive thinking and to manage their own states resourcefully in workplace and in daily life. This could improve the staff’s own emotions, as well as their relationships with others with more positive energy.


Objectives of Positive Psychology:


  • Effectively recognize own emotions and how they affect personal performance
  • How to foster positive emotions and deal with negative emotions
  • Explore own signature strengths and find ways to better use own strength in work
  • Build rapport and maintain positive interpersonal relationships with others
  • Understand and search for own life mission
  • Learn how to positively appreciate own and others’ achievements


Sample Outline of Positive Psychology:


  1. Basics of Positivity, Happiness and Positive Psychology 

    • Introduce key elements of positive psychology and how to increase happiness lastingly
    • Brief on the five elements (PERMA) of positive psychology:

      • Positive emotion
      • Engagement
      • Relationships
      • Meaning and purpose
      • Accomplishment
  2. Positive Emotion

    • Differentiate positive and negative emotions and their functions
    • Understand 10 forms of positivity and practice how to increase them in daily life
    • Introduce ways to deal with negative emotion effectively
  3. Mastery of Emotions

    • Explore own signature strengths and find ways to better use own strength
    • Search for moment of flow
    • Apply pleasure in workplace to increase commitment
  4. Relationship

    • Explore the importance of building positive relationship
    • Build rapport with others through matching and pacing
    • Learn how to use positive language and framing to foster better relationships
  5. Meaning and Purpose

    • Learn to know that everybody is a meaning maker
    • Explore the importance of life: setting personal intention
    • Search for own life mission through neurological level
  6. Accomplishment

    • Discover how one responds when facing negative situations
    • Understand the obstacles to self-appreciation – 3Ps
    • Learn how to handle negativity by reframing
    • Practice how to appreciate own and others’ accomplishments appropriately and positively


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Remarks: Program objectives and outlines are for reference only; programs would be tailor-made with clients' specific requirements.